Creating an Account and Logging OnEdit

When you use this Wiki it is better off, for you and other users, that you create an account. Whilst it is possible to alter pages without doing so, it is harder to locate changes you’ve made at a later date. It allows other users to confirm who has made a change to a particular page. And if you’re made an Administrator to the site, which can happen easily enough, using your Account allows you to use certain tools not allowed to others, such as the ability to Lock pages you’ve worked on, to prevent others tampering with them.

In Character NamesEdit

In keeping with the spirit of the game, users of the site are encouraged to use Account names based around the names of Alpha Complex citizens, in particular High Programmers, along the lines of John-U-DOA. Don’t bother with any clone numbers – you don’t want to have to change the name of your account in order to continue using the Wiki every time your citizen dies. In fact you don’t really need to bother with the sector designation either – if you sign on with the name John, you’ll be considered to be John-U from an undisclosed sector.

By using names in this way it is possible to see which High Programmer is responsible for landscaping and creating the various sectors on this site (or in game terms, which one oversees them). The character can also be used further as an active character within Alpha Complex.

Forget to Log On?Edit

Not logging on with an account before you plow into the Wiki pages and start making changes leaves behind a trail of anonymous IP addresses. Such changes will be considered, in game, to be made at the whim of The Computer. High Programmers can automatically over-rule any change made by The Computer, with some creative programming of their own. So if you add something to the site that you feel particularly proud of or attached to, make sure you log on with your High Programmer account.


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