Sector BAL is very much balanced between Armed Forces and R&D, though the other Service Groups seem to also balance out equally amongst themselves. The sector prides itself on the manufacture and application of new and precise weaponry and armed (and armoured) vehicles. Resident citizens are encouraged to train to the best of their ability. The sector is largely a series of labatories and firing ranges used to test new and ‘tweaked’ equipment, plus large hangars for vehicles and open spaces (connected to the Outdoors). The rest of the sector is comprised of offices, warehouses and residential areas that help maintain the central concerns of the sector.

Sector BAL actually appears quite clean and neat and tidy. Citizens seem to be mentally well-rounded individuals and fit too, although this may be more due to rigorous training and exercise that is encouraged, rather than any sort of brilliant diet. That said, healthy eating is encouraged. The sector is also home to one of the most competent Alpha Complex Funball teams, ‘The Sector BAL Battlebots’. Sport is the premiere source of entertainment in Sector BAL, and those citizens that carve out a career as a sportsman (or woman) in this sector are often expected to do quite well for themselves.

  • Sector BAL is a Classic Alpha Complex sector.


Places Of InterestEdit

  • The Sector BAL Funball Stadium is the sector's famed funball stadium, where the Sector BAL Battlebots can often be found playing (or training).
  • Hangar 17 is perhaps the sector's most notorious hangar, where war veteran Hann-I-BAL is said to be under constant supervision (as well as many other secrets of Sector BAL's Armed Forces).

Secret SocietiesEdit

Still to come...

Movers & ShakersEdit

  • John-U-BAL – High Programmer
  • Hann-I-BAL – Armed Forces
  • (Re)Mark-I-BAL – Armed Forces
  • Zo-I-BAL – R&D
  • David-B-CKM – HPD & MC

Sinister SecretsEdit

  • Hann-I-BAL frequently ‘escapes’ when helping IntSec catch other traitors – were it not for the important information in his head, that The Computer dare not attempt any mind-wiping, Hann-I would’ve been erased long ago.
  • A currently undetected Secret Society has an immense Inner Circle room set into the Sector BAL Battlebots Stadium.



Originally chosen as it was the home sector of Citizen Hann-I-BAL, the words Balance, Ballistics and, obviously, Ball sprung to mind. Later Balloon too. Perhaps even later we'll incorporate Balls (as in Ballroom Dancing)...?


Neighbouring SectorsEdit

Sector SIM is 'to the south'.

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