Sector CRN is a pretty much standard sector. With a generous concentration of IntSec and HPD&MC, to ensure that the sector both looks and acts like a well-oiled machine, whilst retaining a stylish and simple appearance, the Sector doesn't particularly stand out other than having lush higher-clearance areas, and apparently a lot of time and money to invest in music and other 'arts'. There does seem to be a concentration of higher clearance personnel (in relationship to other sectors) here, though not so much that the higher clearances out-number the lower clearances. Traffic is an ocassional problem in the more public areas, and noise, but generally it is the side-effect of a melting pot of different societies. If this was a pre-Old Reckoning city, it might be described as cosmopolitan, though it might appear to be one purely from the eyes of the higher clearance occupants - lower clearance citizen probably don't notice the difference.

  • Sector CRN is a Classic/Straight Alpha Complex sector.


Places Of InterestEdit

  • The Sector CRN Art Gallery is a suprising example of higher-clearance wealth trickling down to the lower clearances. This collection of art work, loaned by various high-clearance 'patrons' of the arts in the sector (Violet and Ultraviolet citizens) is available for viewing by anyone of clearance Red and above (with certain rooms of a higher clearance), allowing citizens to unwind and enjoy a taste of 'culture'.
  • CRN Public Waterfront is an old reservoir which has been handed over to the citizens (again, by high clearance patrons) for use in sporting activities. Since most citizens cannot swim, it is usually the play-ground of those with boats and or have had the privelege of learning how to swim, through Service Group or Secret Society activites.

Secret SocietiesEdit

Still to come... - likely to be Romantics and Humanists.

Movers & ShakersEdit

  • Thomas-U-CRN – High Programmer
  • Julie-V-CRN - HPD & MC
  • Mighty-I-CRN – Armed Forces
  • June-I-CRN – IntSec
  • Cobb-O-CRN – R&D

Sinister SecretsEdit

  • Thomas-U can often be found attempting dangerous and illegal stunts just for the thrill of it - in particular he loves to steal great works of art, as he frequently does from the Art Gallery, which turn up back on the walls just as mysteriously as they disappeared.
  • Julie-V is a writer and scripter of various popular TV shows, mostly to do with 'exotic' travel to distant sectors, and the strange and wonderous customs they have there. This is in fact a cover for work she does for the Mystics.



Based on the idea of a rich-arts patron who seeks illegal thrills, the Thomas Crown Affair. With a nod towards The Jewel In The Crown.


Neighbouring SectorsEdit

Yet to be worked out.

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