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Alpha Complex is the setting for the game PARANOIA, in all its variations. There are a number of fine web-sites dedicated to this game and it’s continually growing fan-base, but this one in particular addresses the setting, just one of many Alpha Complexes dotted across what used to be the United States of America, in the distant future.

Alpha Complex, as a setting for games of PARANOIA has never been completely defined – we know only that the complex is situated on the American west coast, where San Fransico once was, that much of it is underground, and yet is still close enough to the surface that citizens have heard rumours of Outdoors.

Players of the game have different opinions about whether the complex is simply a vast collection of interconnected rooms and corridors or an underground city – various sourcebooks and illustrations suggest either and both. Throughout many of the published books much is made of the various moods and playing styles encouraged, rather than this futuristic setting. Whilst this site doesn’t aim to argue the case for or against either side, it will hopefully help bring the setting to life by allowing some players to create specific settings to be used as a resource by other players. In particular, it is designed to allow players to create individual sectors of Alpha Complex, which they can define as they wish, allowing two (or more) distinct visions of Alpha Complex to coexist right next to each other.

This Wiki is split into the following categories:

Life In Alpha ComplexEdit

This section is based on Official published material and so doesn’t deviate from the core rules. Pages will also be included for Optional rules, dependant on style of game (Classic, Straight or Zap)

A Guide To Alpha ComplexEdit

A brief description of the Alpha Complex described in PARANOIA, located beneath San Fransisco, and a list of Sectors created by PARANOIA players. Plus a description of the Service Groups and Secret Societies, as determined by their relevant strengths and weaknesses in individual Sectors.

An A-Z Of Alpha Complex SectorsEdit

Here you will find a list of Sector names currently in use.


A simple guide to creating a Sector for this Wiki, to be used as a resource by other players, including optional rules on pun names and sector specific Secret Societies.


A list of citizens mentioned elsewhere on this site, with links to appropriate pages, where you can add biographies and other details to those you’ve created.

Threats To Alpha ComplexEdit

Ideas of events from inside or outside, which threaten the entire complex. This includes characters that aren’t strictly citizens – aliens, Outsiders, supernatural monsters and time travelers, for example…

Brave New WorldsEdit

Alternative settings, including alternative complexes, other nations, perhaps even other planets and dimensions!

Alpha Complex DiplomacyEdit

Playing Diplomacy using Sectors.

Alpha Complex NationStatesEdit

Playing NationStates using Sectors (and ‘nations’ beyond Alpha Complex).

In Character Versus Out Of CharacterEdit

Most of this site is a gamers’ resource. Meaning it is effectively Out Of Character. This section includes basic rules for using the Wiki In Character.


Other websites to visit.


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